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23 March 2010 @ 02:28 pm
Your NEWS boyfriend
Full Name 
Your NEWS boyfriend is: Yamapi
He confessed to you when: you were under the same umbrella
He confessed to you by: kissing you passionately followed by his confession
He calls you: baby
He fell in love with you because: you share the same interests
You will be married: after 2 years
This Quiz by reiko25 - Taken 82 Times. </a>
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26 February 2010 @ 02:16 pm
RankNEWS Ranking
Favorite (Top) to
Least Favorite (Bottom)

Actually, Pi and Keii-chan tie for first! ^_^
20 February 2010 @ 01:33 pm
1. What is your first NEWS song? Do you still like it now?
hmmmm.... Gan gan ganbatte
and yes I do! ^^

2. What song that makes you remember NEWS the most?
Shock me

3. What songs that remind you of the members respectively? (Either you like to count the members till 6 or 8 is up to you).
shige - Sh la la Tambourine/chirarimuzu
koyama - chirarimuzu/love addiction
tegoshi - miso soup
massu - miso soup
Pi - Daite Seniorita
Ryo - Code

4. Can you distinguish all of their vocals in Sayaendou? =)
Yes! Especially Tegoshi!!!

5. Whose your fav voice to hear in a song?
I love them all but I enjoy hearing Pi's voice

6. What PV from the singles that you like most n why?
Summer Time!! I love the house itself, the way they all goof around with the things they find around the house and Massu at the begining and the end.

7. What song that makes you cry and or feeling sentimental when you listen to it?
Hmm.... prolly Ai Nante

8. What song that could pump up your spirit and get you all excited?
oh.. many.. Gan gan ganbatte is my main one... and stand up

9. What song that makes you think "wow, this is not NEWS-like"?
Chirarizumu!!!!!!!!! haha I almost died when I translated it! like = O

10. What song that you would like to hear when you're having a bad day?
Summer time and shock me

11. People think in different ways, some people think that Shige can sing, some think he can't, some think he only sounds good when he sing his own song. So according to you, what song do you think Shige's voice is at its best, regardless whatever category you think he is?
Shige has a deep, hoarse voice which, when sung by itself, sound very masculine and when sung with the group compliments the higher voices of Tegoshi and Massu quite well

12. What is your fav solo song?
hmmm... I love sha la la, love addiction, and mola

13. Fav duet/trio song? (e.g. Ginza Rhapsody, Road, Kesenai etc)
Chirarizumu and TEGOMASU'S SONGS

14. What song that you wish there was a PV for it?
Gan gan batte!

15. What song that is your least fav?
I dont' have a least fave song and that's the truth!

16. What concert performance of a song that you like most?
chirarimuzu is cute as awell as the one massu leads natuso or something like that

17. What is your fav song title and why? (It's not necessary whether you like the song or not)
Chirarimuzu because it sounds innocent but it totaly ain't

18. What solo song that you would like to see the other member perform it other than the original person?
i want to see Pi singing kiss and ai ai gas

19. What is your fav song from Touch album?

20. What was your impression the 1st time you hear 'Koi no ABO' song?
what. the. heck?

21. Your most fav NEWS motivational song? (e.g. Gan Gan Ganbatte, Kibou Yell, Teppen etc)
Gan gan ganbatte

22. And your most fav NEWS love song?
Summer TIme, Sayaendo gan gan ganbatte

23. Among the members, who do you wish to see singing as duet that has not fulfilled yet?
massu and ryo or tegoshi and ryo

24. Is there any particular part of any song that you favour so much? (Like Tegoshi's high note in Koi no ABO, or Massu 'Bare bare yare yare' line in Share)
I love tego's solo in sayaendo

25. What song that you could memorize the lyrics well?
summer time!

26. Which song that you like its choreography the most?

27. Have you ever sing one of their songs in public/special event other than karaoke? (If the answer is yes, what was the song and what event was it?)
not on purpose!
haha They got stuck in my head and I sing it.

28. Any song that you would like to recommend to a non fan?

29. What is one NEWS song that you most unfamiliar with?
Older songs

30. Bambina or Ai no Matador?
ai no matador. XD

31. Chirarizumu or Murarisuto?
First one! :)

32. Can you guess from what song these lyrics are? Don't cheat ;)


What song that you consider as their best single?
Happy birthdya

34. What is your all time fav song? That even though you were not a fan anymore, there is a huge possibility you would still think, "ah this is a really nice song".
So many
Beautiful eyes

35. Any wish, hope or anything you want to say?
Ganbatte! And please come to texas!
09 February 2010 @ 01:39 pm
Dance with the Devil
I was very young the first time I danced with him. Trouble at home had me in a never ending sea of tears the melted into the apples of my cheeks making me old before my time. I would curl up on the rug that smelled slightly of dust and fabric softener and cry till my eyes were swollen shut and the wrinkles had appeared in abundance on my forehead. I would always find a place to sleep there on the old rug. I would wake up in my bed with the wrinkles gone, replaced by the smooth, flawless face that a young girl of eight or nine should have. I never remembered how I had arrived at this place and in the particular skin I was in, until one day, or night rather, he showed himself to me. He was debonair, his beautiful eyes sparked with a handsome malice that I had never witnessed before. As he looked down at me, my reflection gleamed within his marbled gaze. His hair was created of long strands of black gossamer spider web that he swept back, tickling the back of his tanned neck ever lightly. He was robed in red… trimmed in gold that accentuated his tanned skin. Even I, a child etched in stupidity knew he wasn’t ordinary. He reaches down and caresses my cheek, which is tear stained like it always was and I felt my skin grow taught over my bones. I should be afraid of this strange man who crept into my room like a phantom, who is clothed in a banner of reds that so remind me of fresh blood… but scream is something I can’t do. I smile lucidly up at him and curiously touch his face with a brush of my fingertips. His skin is fire and I draw my hand back slowly, wondering at the burns on my delicate skin, watching as the slowly vanish. He sets me up on my feet, where I manage to stay regardless of the almost drunken wobble in my stance. He offers his hand and smiles a smile so dazzling that I almost couldn’t stand it. I reach out and take his hand, ready for the blaze, the unrelenting burning against my skin… but it never comes. I want to pull away. I may have even tried but I don’t remember. All I remember is his voice… his deep velvet voice that contains the clash of a cymbal, the deep bang bang banging of drums… the voice that held so much danger and promised so much love…. ”Dance with me.” His hand is chilled and freezes my arm as the pang of coldness races up and down it but it is okay. He spins me on my toes and I laugh. For the first time in a long time… I laugh. The morning sun begins to rise and I, a tired baby, yawn. He, the red robed phantom, silently slips me between the cool cotton sheets and brushes his fingertips against my forehead. “I’ll be back my dear… “ With that, he’s gone, vanished betwixt the dust sifting through the early morning sunlight streaming through my thin bedroom curtains. I fall asleep. And then I wait.
The second time he and I dance is on my eighteenth birthday. How much heartbreak can one person take? The world seemed determined to test theory after theory against me as I stood taking beating after beating, whiplash after whiplash. He appears before me, yet again and he is everything I remember and more. He, unlike me… myself, looks not a day older than the last time I lay my eyes on him almost nine years ago… so long ago. This time I don’t wait for him to pull me up and away from the grimy carpet on which I still sleep. I rise to join him and he accepts, willingly taking me in his arms and holding me. We dance yet again, but this time it’s different. I am no longer playing a little blond Cinderella escaping her problems through the wand of her tiny limbed fairy godmother… no. This time it’s different than spinning on my tiptoes. This dance is much more intimate. He grips my arm, his fiery hand leaving a blistered, bubbling imprint on my dead skin as though he was marking me as his own, his nails leaving bloody claw marks where no one has ever touched me before. He pulls me toward his chest and I fall into the embrace, curling tightly against him as I try to match each heartbeat, each breath and leave everything, all the hate and lies of my old life before he took me as we dance through the midnight sky above every one. His hand fits perfectly into the small of my back. I was pressed against him, feeling every muscle, every pulse of blood through his veins and he can feel the same within me. For one small piece of eternity I’m graceful. As we glide across the starry night, I’m happy. His knee is pressed firmly against the inside of my leg and we are intimately close. He whispers words that mean nothing and everything into my ear in between the fiery kisses he presses to my bare collarbone. Each kiss burns and lingers, leaving me wanting more than he could ever give me. I can’t measure time for there is no way for me to do so but for whatever amount of time I am with him, I can honestly and truly enjoy myself. All too soon, he carries me back to my room and I don’t want to let go. My icy skin touches his; fever warm, and steam rises slightly from our bodies as he laughs a husky laugh. “Don’t worry my dear. I’ll be back soon.” One last ferocious kiss to my throat and he’s gone, once again vanished amongst the rainbow hues glancing through the window from the slowing rising sun as it plays around my room.
The third time we were together, I didn’t think I could bear to be alone a moment more. A pathetic creature curled up in her apartment trying very hard to hold herself together for just a minute more. Suddenly, he’s there, sitting next to me, the gleam of intent still in his eyes. They probe me, searching for something. He turns me to face him and presses a hard kiss against my cracked lips. It takes my breath away with its icy distance and warm familiarity. I gasp and he bites at my lower lip as I hesitantly return the kiss. My senses are reeling and I can’t catch my escaped breath. After a moment, he pulls me off the couch and pulls me to him. I’m panting for air; my lips burning as if icy hot had been spread over them. He spins me not into the sky as he did last time, but into a mirrored banquet hall. I had lost my tattered clothing along the way and they had been replaced by a ball gown of the same hues of red and gold his jacket was always composed of. Everyone’s eyes are on us as we glide across the marbled hall. I would never imagine that he could hold me any closer to him than he previously had but here we were, with not even a hairs breadth between us. His hand wandered to a place below my waist as we swept across the hall. The hollow behind my ear tingled as he breathed into my ear. It was once again an eternal dance, lasting both forever and not nearly long enough. He dances in a way to show me off my heart swells at the oohs and aahs and I finally feel like I’m worthy enough to be his. The music entwines itself around our feet in a tangible fog and at the pinnacle of my enjoyment… I’m back at my apartment. He doesn’t leave right away like all the previous times but leaves me to my room where he caresses my head, fingering my still curled locks before he viciously attacks my lips. I fall back, slightly afraid of his forwardness. He stops, sensing my fear and stands up. Before I can so much as blink, he bows and is gone.
Time is cruel. It’s impertinent and intrusive and even more so an evil being that plays tricks on the mind. Ages passed before I saw him again and each day without him grew progressively worse until finally, eons late, he showed up in my life for the last time. Again, like always, we dance. Swirling through the atmosphere and he holds me tightly against him, as if afraid I would fall if he let go of me. This time there are none of his fiery little kisses along my jaw bone. There was simply a silent dance that I never wanted to end despite the feeling of it all being over in a mere matter of moments. All the sudden I’m in the house I loathe. I never wanted to be alone but things never turn out the way you plan them. It took me forever to realize that happy endings never really happen. Again, as he did the time before he leads me to my room. I can feel the pressure of his body leaning over until I’m on my back on the bed. I expect it to hurt, to burn when his bare body touches my own but as he kisses me I realize that this feels right. I let him do what he wants, relishing the extra time I was allowed to spend with the man I had come to love, too long for. When it was all over, he lingered. We lay in the bed, blankets tangled around our legs, our fingers clasped together. His sweet honeyed voice nests in my ear.”Come with me. You will never have to be alone again. I will always love you.” I believed him with all my heart and readily accepted his generous offer. He again vanishes, this time taking me with him. I was sinking even though he held me in his arms. We sank lower and lower until we landed with a soft thump in a black room with no doors or windows. Tongues of flame lick at my bare toes. It is not a place of warmth or love like he promised me and I am afraid but still…. We dance.

NO! this is NOT a story about someone getting raped by Satan!!!! It goes much deeper than that.

This story is about a little girl with problems at home and then in her personal life when she gets older. The first time she dances with the devil is the first time she tries to commit suicide. Each meet up with the devil is a suicide attempt by the young woman. Each time she meets with him she becomes more intimate with him until he eventually claims her as her own. [Has a successful suicide].
08 December 2009 @ 04:57 pm
I only asked for two things this year.

The Kissing Star necklace from Boys Over Flowers.

"Jan Di the moon can never escape from the star Jun Pyo...."
It melted my heart. I was crying I was so happy!
It left me "Wordless" as my darling Marco says.



because I have a pair but they're the cheap-o wooden ones that come with your chinese fast food ><

What are you asking for for christmas?
05 December 2009 @ 10:49 pm
You know you're a NEWS fan when...
Current mood: enlightened
1. If someone ever doubts you, you shout "BELIEVE!"

2. If someone asks "What's for dinner?" You respond "I want pumpkin!"

3. You randomly shout "Hallelujah Chance!" with the hand motion.

4. The first song you learned all of the words to was a NEWS song.

5. You abandon anime for J-dorama

6. You abandon all other fandoms for NEWS and JE

7. You watch Kanjani8 videos for Ryo.

8. Your family knows what NEWS is and can name your favorite member

9. Your friends (or little brother) don't even like NEWS and they can name all the members

10. You think plaid is really cool

11. You're running out of room on your computer because you download every video/song/picture

12. You can't delete pictures, even if the pose barely changes

13. Boy on boy action no longer seems weird

14. Lip syncing is okay

15. Boys at school mean nothing because they're not skinny, sexy Japanese musicians/actors/entertainers

16. Boys in pink are actually really hot

17. Sparkles look good on boys

18. Real boybands need to sing, dance, act, do theater and play guitar or their posers

19. You're learning Japanese so you can watch videos without subtitles

20. Your binders are covered with pictures of NEWS

21. Your bedroom wall is covered in NEWS

22. You never considered buying multiple edition of anything before NEWS

23. You spend any money you get on NEWS paraphenalia

24. You see strawberries and you think "OISHII!"

25. You brush off people who say "They look like girls..."

26. The first single you ever bought was NEWS

27. You like any band they do (ei: L'arc~en~ciel, Anna tsuchiya...)

28. You were mad you don't live in Wisconsin when you found out Tegoshi was coming

29. You didn't like Yaoi until you discovered NEWS

30. You have all PV's in high quality with and without subs

31. You have all the concert tours and ripped audio

32. You go crazy if you don't check your LJ because you may have missed an important update!

33. You save every video, even if they aren't funny

34. You're future career is planned around NEWS and/or Japan

35. You think your classmates are crazy when they don't think any member is cute

36. You never maxed out on Megaupload until you became a NEWS fan

37. You're thinking of getting a Premium megaupload account because of all your downloads...

38. You randomly write NEWS lyrics anywhere

39. You thought MOLA was sexy even before you realized it was in English

40. Your heart broke when you watched Shige's kiss clip from Seminar, even if he isn't your ichiban

41. You didn't know any actresses names until you got into NEWS

42. You kind of like High School Musical just because of Koyama

43. Everyday you think about saving up to go to Japan just for a concert...($1000 plane ticket!)

44. You freak out your classmates when you explain gaysex....(actually happened to me)

45. July 4th is no longer independence day, It's Masuda's birthday.

46. You didn't know your blood type until you found about Koi no ABO, and then you ran to your parents, "What's my blood type?!"

47. You watched/ listened to Happy Birthday the number of years you turned on your birthday

48. The audio rip of DREAMS from Never Ending Wonderful Story makes you cry because you think of Koyama crying

49. You start pronouncing love as rabu.

50. If someone gives a peace sign, you think of Tegoshi's "futari"

51. Guys wearing heeled boots isn't weird anymore

52. Skulls are the coolest thing ever (besides NEWS)

53. You start calling your cat Nyanta

54. You think of Shige when you hear Bangledesh

55. You start doing the hand motion when Cherish or Sayaendou or Gan Gan Ganbatte comes on and you're in the middle of the hallway at school

56. You try miso soup because of Tegomass

57. Anytime anyone says the word color you think of NEWS

58. You think of NEWS when someone says "Aim for the stars!"

59. Week should have 4 e's

60. There's nothing wrong with crossdressing, it's actually hot

61. Perms aren't a bad idea on guys

62. You have different notebooks for fanfiction for different pairings

63. You can't sing the alphabet without thinking about NEWS

64. You can name all the singles and all the songs on each single

65. Watching NEWS is your workout 66. You randomly say "Tegoshi desu!" and "konkon" with hand motions ([info]dw9lives )

67. When you see that exit sign of a guy running, you're always thinking of Ima wa from "Ai no Matador" ([info]joossy )

68. You tried typing "Have you heard the news about..." and ended up typing news as NEWS or NewS? ([info]togechan )

69. Someone starts talking about current events or says "On the NEWS" and you think about NEWS

70. You want an 'aiaigasa' date/moment b/c of TegoMasu...(dw9lives )

71. You've wanted to read and watch One Piece b/c of 'sayaendo'.../You loved One Piece even more when you discovered NEWS did the movie7 theme(dw9lives)

72. You do Pi's 'bang!' 'maidoari' 'akira shock!'(dw9lives)

73. any mentions of DV reminds you of Ryo's character Sosuke from Last Friends...(dw9lives)

74. any law student = Shige (dw9lives)

75. You hear psychology and you think of Tegoshi

76. anything disco = NEWS and 'koi no ABO' (dw9lives)

77. ramen and phonebooths = Koyama (dw9lives)

78. NYC = KoyaShige (dw9lives)

79. Start clicking all of links with the word "news" in it without thinking ([info]akitama )

80. Writing and shouting "HAPPY NEWS YEAR" instead of "HAPPY NEW YEAR" (akitama)

81. Asking all of friends about their bloodtype xD (akitama)

82. Loving all kind of cat eventhough you hate it before (akitama)

83.Turn the word "masu" to "MASSU" after any word has it, such as: ItadakiMASSU xD (akitama)

84. When writing a poem for English, you use translated lyrics of NewS songs in certain lines (simply because they express what you want to say). ([info]aquividens )

85. You have successfully repelled potential boyfriends simply by letting them look through your iPod, leading them to discover all the NEWS pictures, songs, videos, etc.(aquividens)

86. You've converted friends into liking NEWS through the sole use of Tegoshi's "Ai Nante" performance from the Pacific DVD.(aquividens)

87. Your entire final project in an Art class was comprised of NewS fanart, and you got a good grade on it.(aquividens)

88. You've taught the dance steps to 'Koi no ABO' and 'Chirarizumu' to your entire dance class.(aquividens)

89. You bought a leopard print fedora because it reminded you of Shige. (aquividens)

90. Start loving Gyoza and Ramen after Massu and Koyama ( [info]debx3 )

91. you start to think that short & snarky guys are cool, even better if they can play the guitar ([info]badbatazz )

92. you watch any dorama that features NEWS member (badbatazz)

93. You listen to NEWS so much your brother can tell when a japanese band isn't NEWS (my brother, just now, guessed that I was listening to KAT-TUN because it didn't sound like NEWS...just 30 seconds ago...)

94. see a guy in a suit and automatically think Koyama would look so much better in it! (dw9lives)

95. see bright, almost tacky looking clothing and think Massu would probably like it and wear it. (dw9ives)

96. You see a pig and you think of Massu, and think of Koyama when you see a cat

97. You like Ya-Ya-Yah because NEWS was on their TV show all the time

98. You realize just how short Japanese people are when you realize that most of the people around you are taller than 5'9", Koyama's height

99. 'Fireman in orange = Massu' and 'Gyoza = Massu' ([info]mad_kiel )

101. can't look at a bottle of tabasco sauce w/o thinking of Tegoshi's tabasco cake (dw9lives)

102. just the word 'rescue' reminds me of Massu (dw9lives)

103. silver shoes = Shige (dw9lives)

104. everyone should have an uncle like Koyama (dw9lives)

105. You can't hear "Romeo and Juliet" without thinking of Yamapi

106. practiced the "ItteQ" pose in front of the mirror. ([info]my68 )

107. Gets distracted by Tegoshi's face in the small screen while watching ItteQ (my68)

108. You search for JE/NEWS look a likes everytime you go out ([info]kitaru05 )

109. You don't even bother with subtitles some times because you don't even read them, you're too busy looking at their faces. And then you go back to reread what they said

110. You've got freak if you hear or see anything about AY even it just to hear or see that letter A+Y=evil ([info]naine_99 )

111. You imagine the only Japanese boy in your school in a JE band

112. When you hear boys chuckle, you automatically think "Massu and Koyama's chuckles are cuter!" (There's a boy at school who laughs like them but it's so annoying...)

113. You’re guity of dancing Chirarizumu, Koi no ABO and Nantoka Narusa in the shower (debx3)

114. You wake up to Ai no Matador and start dancing

115. You see a rainbow anywhere, and start the naming the members for each color. And then you get sad when there is no pink for Tegoshi

116. You cross the street saying "Ima wa~"

117. If a song doesn't have a dance, you memorize the way their/his head moves (Ai nante, Kiss~Kaerimichi no love song)

118. You battle between getting the RE or LE of a single/album but in the end you buy both XD (kitaru05)

119. You wag/wiggle your fingers when you hear someone sneeze (kitaru05)

120. You try on sunglasses because they remind you of Pi (kitaru05)

121.You stare at your screensaver and not use your computer just because it's a running of all the NEWS pictures you have on your desktop (debx3)

122. You want to be a victim of shirosagi, so you will be saved by kurosagi (naine_99

123. You write the members name everywhere when you are bored, even on test papers. When you don't know how to write one's name in kanji, you give it all your best to learn and write them beautifully. (arinajon)

124. You dream of any tiny/little/ridiculous/unbelievable chance of meeting JE on the street, for example looking through a taxi window and see them inside xD (arinajon)

125.You attempt to save a lot money for a trip to Japan, but after a few months you end up used all of them for your NEWS discography collection. (arinajon)

126.You look every little shops for Massu's Nantoka Narusa sweater. (arinajon)

127. When you hear someone shout out the HSM's phrase "What time is it? Summer time", those come to your mind is no longer "It's our vacation..." but a beautiful blue room with Massu cheeky face looking up to the ceiling, members running like dorks on the beach and Koyama ruined Tegoshi's morning milkshake. ^^(arinajon)

128. You laugh to yourself when you think of "NEWS wo Abake", having everyone looking at you in great astonishment xD ( I actually had this ) (arinajon)

129. Almost every episodes in your diary, you end it by writing down your wish for NEWS to have their own variety show. (arinajon)

130. Every time someone mentions Bruce Lee you think of the Tegomass "Don't think, feeeeeeeeel" (notochrasy)

131. You have lay down on the bed and tried to stretch your coolness muscles. (notochrasy)

132. Every time you listen to Daite Senorita you think of Koyama violently hugging the pillow. (notochrasy)

133. You exercise your tabai muscles in PE class

134. You listen to NEWS/Tegomasu's slow-ballad type song whenever you go to sleep (chrizpo_25)

135. The first thing you do when you get home is check news_jpop for NEWS updates (jazzmine_lj)

136. When you think of manboobs/moobs, you think of Pi

137. When you think of the gym/ working out you thiink of Pi

138. Top places to visit when you go to Japan: Lawson, RUSS-K, JE shop, Koyama's restaurant XD

139. You read the manga 20th Century Boys

140. You watch HEROES/ PRISONBREAK or You loved HEROES/ PRISONBREAK more when you found out KoyaShige watches it XD

141. You learned how to speak Chinese/Taiwanese after watching the Pacific DVD

142. You develop a hair fetish (kitaru05)

143. You read "Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac" (kitaru05)

144. When it rains you either sing "Taiyou no Namida" or "Ai Ai Gasa" (kitaru05)

145. You want RUSS-K clothing apparel (Kitaru05)

146. You suddenly have a strange liking for pigs and cows.

147. When people call you a liar, you automatically sing Liar in your head.(rental_daughter)

148. Summer has suddenly become one of your favorite seasons.(rental_daughter)

149. "Whenever you hear or read the word "fail," you think of Shige.(rental_daughter)

150. "Akatsuki doesn't remind you of Naruto, it reminds you of Massu."(rental_daughter)

151. "Tambourines are suddenly really cool instruments."(rental_daughter)

152. "When you hear 'Superman' you don't think of the guy with the red cape, you think of Massu."(rental_daughter)

153. "You go 'ima~ shock me!' when surprised."(rental_daughter)

154. "You're tempted to call people 'YOUtachi'"(rental_daughter)

155. "Really flamboyant outfits aren't weird anymore... Because NEWS wears them too!"(rental_daughter)

156. "Can You Feel the Love Tonight reminds you of Tegoshi, not the Lion King."(rental_daughter)

157. You don't say "Oh no!" You say "Oh noes! What happened?!" - the start of Masuperman (kitaru05)

158. while eating, you and a friend keep shouting "Umai~" and "Oishi~" (like Tego and Pi XD) (yumipi)

159. You don't fear getting stranded on an island because Lawson would be there! (rental_daughter)

160. After looking at Tegoshi's artwork, you suddenly feel like a professional.(rental_daughter)

161. This has become your motto: "Don't think, feel~"(rental_daughter)

162. You didn't know the meanings behind blood types until Koi no ABO.(rental_daughter)

163. "everytime I hear "π" or "3.14", I can't help but thinking of Pi. :D" (ken_zou_kun)

164. When you go down the stairs, you feel or do flap your arms like Akira(Pi) does. (marishi09)

165. you get random urges to strike a nobuta-power-chunyu pose. (marishi09)

166. when even your bookmark is NEWS.(aishahteshi)

167. when you write your favourite member name on everything you own.(aishahteshi)

168. when your whole workplace knows your favourite member name just because you shout his name every now and then.(aishahteshi)

169 When planning for your studies/exchange to Japan, your priority picks are either Meiji, Waseda or Aoyama University. (s2anthy)

170 When seeing cows, all you can think is "Mow". (changetje)

171. You celebrate Pi Day, because it reminds you of Yamapi.(changetje)

172. You use Yamapi's "Hallelujah Chance!!" or "Nobuta pawa~~~" or "Akira Shock!!" and stuff Yamapi/Akira said, or any of the NEWS members said that is cute/funny/etc as a message ringtone! (floral shorts)

173. desperately want to learn how to do a back flip after Massu's 'Pumpkin'! (newslove775)

174. when your friends call you crazy for not thinking some guy is hot claiming "Japanese guys are hotter" (newslove775)

175. You look at all the boys around you and compare/contrast them with NEWS members. (Height, hair-) (boxedyellow)

176. You've had thoughts about purchasing Happy Bath Day from Kose just because NEWS endorsed it and came out with a single. (boxedyellow)

177. You randomly do Shige's infamous 'kuchizuke wo' to freak people out.(boxedyellow) and When Shige's "Kuchizuke woo~~" part comes on in I.ZA.NA.I.ZU.KI, you slide the top of your hand along the curvature of your chin. (mad_kiel)

178. A good doctor is the one who has perm hair (naine_99)

179. You see people doing some handshakes and think ryopi's handshake is better than that :) (marishi09)

180. You think that sit-up will never going to be succesfull to build your abbs unless you doing that while you eating honey (naine_99)

181. Because of ProDai, DKNY = Dont Knock New York (kawaii_beela)

182. -When you see umbrellas you think of ai ai gasa and tegomasu. (milalalami)

183. When you see someone doing push ups you think that massu can beat that person hands down with his 100 push-up/minute speed :D(milalalami)

184. When you see people sleeping on chairs you think of shige and tegoshi's magic show (believe~)(milalalami)

185. when things don't go your way you start pouting like akira in nobuta wo produce, and sometimes you secretly do *Nobuta Power(milalalami)

186. When you hear the word selfish you think of tegoshi and massu saying that tegoshi is nothing but selfish in KISS's making (jikochuu ~ jikochuu ~...)(milalalami)

187. everytime you see meiji products u will smile at the thought of yamapi and koyama attending classes (orangedusts)

188. You wish your hometown has a matsuri (festival) so that there's a chance Tegoshi would come.(faith_alive)

189. Anyone of your family shout "NEWS here" when they see 9:30 primetime news (chocolaier)

190. when something bad happen, your head will starts to sing 'Nantoka Naru Sa' and everything will be okay for you again. (anisnasa)

191. You watch Shounen Club without knowing who the guests are just because Koyama Hosts it (debx3)

192. You learn about other JE groups to read crossover fanfiction

193. You make your own NEWS t-shirts

194. You call your pencils by the NEWS member the color corresponds to

195. Some people who said they hated NEWS came to love them since you kept bugging them. (sweet_diva9)

196. Some members of your family have their favorite even if they don't like NEWS.(sweet_diva9)

I found this on myspace and thought some people might enjoy this! I did!
25 November 2009 @ 11:56 am
Nov 25, 2009 10:27 AM
busy with concerts, but i'm happy with it:)
at Yokohama Arena
for the first time, i hold my solo concert!

really very happy.
and i've learnt a lot too!

owing to everyone's strengths, the concert can then be held successfully
this is what i've re-felt.

my choreographer and all the dancers

and all the staff

after which the most important thing is with everyone's attendance then there's the solo concert!
thanks everyone!

thanks to everyone who have bought the penlight
allowing the entire hall to be covered in red!

i think from now onwards, with upgrading my standards as my target, i shall continue to work hard too
continue leading my life in this way.

He posted this as a bullitin on myspace.

I love you!

03 November 2009 @ 09:00 am


Thank you for being born and entrancing us with your
"Psycho Smile"

You're adorable
It's sickening how cute you are!!

Handsome and charming
and S E X Y too....

So thanks for being everything and a bag of chips.

We love you




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26 October 2009 @ 07:02 pm

Here we go.

A picture with the person wearing glasses

A picture with the person's funny face

A picture with the person eating

Oichii! <3333 aishiteru pi!!!

A picture with  the person with an animal

A picture with the person with a member of the opposite sex

A picture of where you would have sex with this person
Don't ask! AHA!

A picture of the person in your favorire outfit

A picture of this person smiling

A picture of this person half naked

A picture of this person doing an outdoor activity

Your favorite picture of this person.

I freaking LOVE Kon!!! :D